Retirement Fund News

Dear member of the Copartes Pension Fund

Our previous election communication dated 10 December 2022 refers. Thank you for your participation in the election process for the election of a Member Trustee. The voting process managed and overseen by Fund Consultants, Optimum Employee Benefits (Pty) Ltd has now been completed and we are pleased to announce the results of the election, as part of the final phase of the election process.

 The following constituencies that participated in the election process were Moto Health, Fuel Retailers Association (FRA), Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA (MERSETA), Disability Claimants and Pensioners. The voting process and counting of votes has been completed and we can report that the total number of votes received was 26. There were no spoilt ballot forms.


The final results of the votes of the New Elected Member Trustee are indicated in the table below:


Member Trustee Nominee

Total Votes Received



Ms. Khensani Mngomezulu


Member Trustee


Mr. Daniel F.A. van Tonder


Member Trustee


Ms. Khensani Mngomezulu

Mr. Daniel F.A. van Tonder

Newly elected Member Trustee: Mr. Daniel F.A. van Tonder 

Congratulations to Mr. Daniel F.A. van Tonder who has been elected as Member Trustee, having received the most number of the votes. He will officially commence his term of office on 01 March 2023, for a period of five years. We wish Mr. van Tonder a successful term of trusteeship serving the Copartes Pension Fund.

 My thanks and appreciation to the Fund Consultants, Optimum Employee Benefits (Pty) Ltd, for managing and overseeing the election process and ensuring it was free and fair.

 Yours faithfully

Adam Ismail Esat
Principal Officer
Copartes Pension Fund