Dear Member and Employer

Measures during the lockdown phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

The Funds and their administrators have implemented several measures to ensure that our critical services will be minimally affected during the threeweek national lockdown, which starts at midnight tonight, 26 March 2020, and endures until midnight on 16 April 2020. In compliance with the Governments directives, the offices of the Funds and administrators will be closed during the lockdown, but various measures have been taken to ensure business continuity.

The Funds’ trustees and principal officer will work remotely during this time and assure you of their continued commitment to conduct their responsibilities to control, oversee and manage the funds. Please visit the Funds’ website for general fund information and resources.

Both the Fundsadministrators, MIBCO and MIFA, have put in place contingency plans to ensure that our members are assisted with critical services during the lockdown phase.

A core team of MIFA staff members will continue essential services by working remotely and assisting members who may have any enquiries during the next three weeks. Our administrators assure you of their continued commitment to deliver excellent service to our members and employers.

Please contact MIFA by email at if you have an enquiry or require

  • assistance with the following matters:
  • The status of any claim you have submitted.
  • The status of a pending section 14 transfer.
  • The submission of divorce or maintenance orders.
  • Section 37D withholding of benefits.

MIBCO Contact Details

MIBCO is fully affected by the national directive and is required to undergo a full lockdown. As a result our telephone services, the interactive customer services at MIBCO offices and visits to employer establishments will be suspended during this period.

Employers and employees are urged to log all related issues with MIBCO via following email addresses:

Eastern Cape Region

Western Cape Region

KwaZuluNatal Region

Free State/Northern Cape Region

Highveld Region

Northern Region

Health and safety first

Covid19 is an unprecedented pandemic that affects not only South Africa, but the whole world. While the financial implications are a major concern, our collective focus must be on maintaining our health and safety during this critical phase in fighting the pandemic. The responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones rests with each individual.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Motor Industry Retirement Funds support the national lockdown announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa in the interest of the people of our country, challenging as the next three weeks may be.

The trustees of your retirement funds are confident that our country will emerge victorious from the COVID19 pandemic and urge all employers and members to abide by the restrictions placed on everyone during the lockdown phase.

Please stay safe!

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